Renting Out Properties In Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is emerging as a hotspot for real estate investment, thanks to its relatively affordable cost of living. Renting out property in Northern Cyprus is a profitable business for property owners. The influx of tourists and students to this sunny island is increasing year by year, which means that by renting your property, you can not only cover your initial investment but also make a profit.

For those considering renting out properties on this enchanted island, there are numerous factors to consider, such as location, rental prices, types of rental properties, and tenant demographics. This guide by Senilk Real Estate aims to provide a comprehensive overview of what you need to know about renting out properties in Northern Cyprus.

Things to Consider When Renting Out Properties

Long-term or Short-term Rent: Decide this in advance, as the rental price and the type of clients will depend on it. Long-term rentals in Cyprus bring the owner an annual profit of 4-6% of the property value, while short-term rentals of luxury villas or apartments (2-3 weeks/months) can generate up to 8% per year. Long-term rentals are targeted at those who need to work or study in Cyprus. Property owners can collaborate with real estate rental agencies to manage the renting process for their apartments or villas.

Communication with Clients: It is very important to speak with key potential customers (in person, through a representative, by phone, or via Skype) to ensure they are trustworthy. After all, you are trusting them with your property, so it is better to know who you are dealing with.

Enhancing Property Appeal: When planning to rent out a villa, remember that features like a garden or equipped patio, a private pool, or a yacht berth can significantly increase the rent amount.

Adequate Evaluation of the Property: When evaluating your property, carefully consider factors such as location, amenities, proximity to the sea, distance to international airports, and the condition and status of the property itself, including the presence or absence of furniture.

Popular Cities

  1. Kyrenia: Known for its picturesque harbor and vibrant nightlife, Kyrenia is a prime location for rental properties. The city attracts both tourists and expatriates, making it a lucrative market for short-term and long-term rentals.
  2. Nicosia: As the capital city, Nicosia is a bustling urban center with a mix of modern amenities and historical sites. It’s a popular choice for professionals and students, offering a steady demand for accommodation and rental properties.
  3. Famagusta: Home to Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta is a thriving city with a significant student population. The demand for rental properties here is high, especially for apartments and shared accommodations.
  4. Iskele: Known for its tranquil beaches and family-friendly atmosphere, Iskele attracts foreigners from Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Scandinavia, and those looking for a peaceful lifestyle. It’s becoming increasingly popular among retirees and families.

Documents for renting a property in Cyprus

Make sure that all the necessary documents are prepared by a qualified specialist. The package of documents may include:

  • A document confirming the ownership of the property – title deeds or sale agreement;
  • Documents proving the property owner’s identity – passport or ID;
  • Documents confirming there are no outstanding utility payments;
  • Rental agreement indicating the rent duration, rent amount as well as terms and conditions.

Types of Rental Properties

    1. Apartments: The most common type of rental property, especially in urban areas. They vary from studio apartments to multi-bedroom units.
    2. Villas: Popular in coastal areas and among expatriates and families looking for more space and privacy.
    3. Townhouses: These offer a balance between the compact nature of apartments and the spaciousness of villas.
    4. Student Accommodations: Shared apartments or dormitory-style residences are prevalent in university towns like Famagusta.

Rental Prices in Northern Cyprus

Rental prices in Northern Cyprus can vary significantly based on location, property type, amenities, and proximity to the sea. Generally, you can expect:

  • Kyrenia: Apartments range from £340 to £1,020 per month. Villas can go up to £1,700 or more per month.
  • Nicosia: Apartments typically cost between £255 and £765 per month. Prices for houses and larger properties can exceed £1,275 per month.
  • Famagusta: Given the student population, apartments, and shared accommodations range from £170 to £680 per month.
  • Iskele: Apartments are more affordable, ranging from £215 to £595 per month. Villas cost between £850 and £1,275 per month.

Amenities and Features

Modern rental properties in Northern Cyprus often come equipped with a range of amenities to attract tenants. Common features include:

  • Swimming pools: Especially in villas and upscale apartment complexes.
  • Fitness centers: A popular amenity in larger apartment buildings.
  • Gated communities: Offering added security and privacy for residences.
  • Proximity to the sea: Highly desirable for both short-term vacation rentals and long-term residents.
  • Modern appliances: Fully equipped kitchens, air conditioning, and high-speed internet are often expected.

Tenant Demographics

The tenant population in Northern Cyprus is diverse, including:

  • Tourists: Especially during Summer the peak travel seasons (June to August), sun-seekers and families looking for short-term rentals.
  • Expatriates: Professionals and retirees drawn by the climate and lifestyle.
  • Students: Both local and international, particularly in cities with major universities.
  • Families: Both local and international, often seeking larger properties in quieter areas.

Property Management

Effective property management is crucial for maintaining rental properties and ensuring a steady income. Many property owners opt to hire property management companies, which can handle:

  • Marketing and tenant placement: Finding and vetting tenants.
  • Maintenance and repairs: Ensuring the property remains in good condition.
  • Rent collection and financial management: Handling payments and financial records.
  • Legal compliance: Ensuring the property complies with local laws and regulations.


Renting out properties in Northern Cyprus can be a rewarding venture, offering the potential for steady income and long-term investment growth. By understanding the local market, rental prices, and tenant demographics, property owners can make informed decisions and effectively manage their investments. Whether you’re targeting tourists in Kyrenia, students in Famagusta, or expatriates in Iskele, Northern Cyprus offers diverse opportunities for real estate rental success.

Senilk Real Estate Consultancy would like to draw your attention to the fact that buying a property in Northern Cyprus worth a minimum of £50,000 allows you to register as one of the property owners in Northern Cyprus when you purchase a 1+1 apartment.

When you buy a property with a value over £500,000, you may qualify for permanent residence. This will provide stable liquidity for investors, as well as allow owners to conduct commercial activities. Additionally, getting a regular profit from renting out your property is a bonus for all investors.

For example, consider this Apartment Complex for sale in the heart of Nicosia. This property offers residential units consisting of 16 apartments with two bedrooms each and commercial units with 4 shops, each measuring 300 m².

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