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Investing in Northern Cyprus is a gateway to accessing Europe! Northern Cyprus offers a unique opportunity for real estate investors looking to establish a presence in Europe. As an international trading hub that bridges between the Middle East, Mediterrean, Asia Minor (Turkey) and Europe, it provides a strategic location and a favorable business environment for individuals seeking to expand their reach into the European market.

The island of Cyprus is located about 80 km south of the coast of Turkey, west of Syria and Lebanon, northwest of Israel, north of the Sinai Peninsula (Egypt) and east of the island of Crete (Greece.) The third largest island in the Mediterranean has a land area of 9,251 km² total combined.

Investing in Northern Cyprus is a gateway to accessing European Markets.

Northern Cyprus offers a stable economy, favorable tax environment, strategic location, and diverse investment opportunities for business person. By leveraging these advantages, investors can expand their business horizons, tap into European markets, and enjoy the benefits of a thriving and dynamic region. By investing in Northern Cyprus, investors can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. EU Access: Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, Northern Cyprus provides investors with a pathway to access the European Union internal market without borders. This can open doors to new business opportunities, expanded customer bases, and increased trade prospects within the EU.
  2. Stable Economy: Northern Cyprus has a stable and growing economy, driven by sectors such as tourism, real estate, education, and services. This stability creates a conducive environment for investment, business and entrepreneurship, ensuring long-term sustainability and profitability.
  3. Attractive Tax Incentives: Northern Cyprus offers attractive tax incentives, including low corporate and personal income tax rates. This enables investors to optimize their financial strategies and enhance their overall profitability including tax exemptions on certain types of income, and no inheritance or gift taxes.
  4. Strategic Location: Situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Northern Cyprus serves as a bridge between continents. Its proximity to major markets allows investors to tap into diverse consumer bases and establish strong business networks.
  5. Investment Opportunities: Northern Cyprus provides a range of investment opportunities, particularly in real estate, tourism, renewable energy, and education sectors. With a growing demand for high-quality infrastructure and services, investors can capitalize on these sectors and contribute to the economic development of the region.
  6. High-Quality Education and Healthcare: The region is home to reputable educational institutions and healthcare facilities, providing residents with access to world-class education and medical services for themselves and their families.
  7. High Quality of Life: Northern Cyprus offers a high quality of life with its pleasant Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches, and rich cultural heritage. Investors and their families can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and access to quality healthcare and education facilities.
The TRNC is home to a number of reputable universities and educational institutions.

Foreigners who own a villa or apartment in the TRNC may be granted a 1 year renewable residence permit for the first 3 years, and thereafter 2 years renewable permit provided they have obtained the title deeds (Kocan) registered in their name.

What amount of investment is required?

  • There is no limit with respect to investments in Northern Cyprus. However. there are exceptions when stated “minimum level of investment required” in an investment contract.

Can foreign investors acquire rights to own real estate in the TRNC?

  • Yes! After the provision for acquiring right to real estate in the TRNC, is granted upon the approval of Council of Ministers, foreign persons may own (i) land not exceeding the surface area of 1 donum (14400 square feet) and real estate not exceeding the total surface area of 5 donums (personal use).
  • Foreign persons can buy property for direct investment purposes without any donum limitations by obtaining the approval from Council of Ministers.

What are the rights and obligations of the foreign investor?

  • Through investing in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), foreign investors acquire certain rights that enable them to participate in the operation and/or management of a company, recover their investments and capital, partake in profits, and transfer and reinvest profits, including engaging in currency trade.
  • These rights grant foreign investors a level of control and ownership over their investments in the TRNC. They can actively engage in decision-making processes and have a say in the management of the company they have invested in.
  • They also have the freedom to transfer and reinvest their profits, providing them with the flexibility to explore other investment opportunities or utilize their earnings as they see fit.

Where are foreign investors coming from?

  • Foreign investors in Northern Cyprus come from various countries across the globe, with a significant proportion hailing from Turkey, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Israel, and Russia.
  • Turkey being a close proximity and shared historical ties with 90% of the Turk Cypriots, this relationship have fostered a strong bond and direct investment from the mainland.
  • Scandinavian countries, known for their high standard of living and interest in overseas investments, have also shown substantial interest in the region.
  • The United Kingdom, with its longstanding historical connections to Cyprus, has contributed a significant number of investors as well.
  • Additionally, Israel and Russia have emerged as key investor sources, drawn by the promising opportunities and potential returns offered by Northern Cyprus.


  • Minimum Investment Threshold: To be eligible, individuals are required to make a qualifying investment in Northern Cyprus. The investment options typically include real estate, such as residential properties, commercial developments, or land. The foreign investor should have at least £2.5 million in the TRNC banks and this amount subjected to change time by time.
  • Clean Criminal Record: Applicants must provide evidence of a clean criminal record from their home country, ensuring that they meet the legal and security requirements for residency.
  • Health Insurance: It is mandatory for applicants to possess comprehensive health insurance coverage during their stay in Northern Cyprus.
  • Proof of Financial Means: Individuals must demonstrate sufficient financial means to support themselves and any dependents during their residency in Northern Cyprus.

The minimum investment required may vary and is subject to the existing regulations and policies. It is crucial to keep in mind that investment requirements can evolve over time. Therefore, it is highly recommended to seek guidance from relevant authorities or professional advisors to obtain the latest information regarding the specific investment threshold in Northern Cyprus.

Investing in Northern Cyprus offers numerous benefits for individuals aspiring to build a secure and prosperous future. With its favorable investment climate, appealing lifestyle, and strategic location and multicultural nature of the investor base in Northern Cyprus not only contributes to the economic development of the region but also become an attractive destination for those seeking long-term residency in the region.

The presence of investors from various countries and regions brings together a wealth of experiences, perspectives, and business networks, creating a dynamic environment for investment and economic growth. It is worth noting that the investor landscape in Northern Cyprus continues to evolve and attracting more investors from around the world.

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