Land For Sale In TRNC!

Welcome to our exquisite collection of land plots available for sale across various charming towns in Northern Cyprus! These meticulously selected land plots come with the coveted Turkish title deed and open building permissions. This offering presents an extraordinary opportunity for both commercial and residential developments.

Situated in captivating proximity to the sea, these land plots provide an alluring canvas on which you can bring your dream property or business venture to life. Whether your ambitions lean towards building a boutique hotel, establishing a bustling shopping center, or creating a serene seaside villa, our plots of land offer strategic positioning with direct access to the mesmerizing coastline.

Why Choose Our Land Plots?

Swift Progress:  The process of obtaining land ownership is made effortless with genuine Turkish title deeds, ensuring a secure and efficient transaction. You have the opportunity to acquire land ownership easily with authentic Turkish title deeds, ensuring a secure and swift transaction. Plus immediate realization of your project with pre-approved building permission.

Tailored to Your Needs:  Our land plots cater to various budgets, with the price ranging from an affordable £135,000 GBP to luxurious options up to £6,500,000 GBP.  Different land plot sizes, to choose from ranging from 1 Donum to 52 Donums, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your needs. This commitment to inclusivity ensures that the opportunity to own a piece of Northern Cyprus’s coastal beauty remains accessible to a diverse spectrum of dreamers.

Secure land ownership in Northern Cyprus with Turkish Title Deeds.

These land plots offer boundless opportunities for astute investors, developers envisioning vibrant hubs, or individuals seeking a private seafront retreat. Conveniently accessible, close to lively town centers, and nestled within nature’s embrace. Turkish Title Deeds ensure legal ownership and peace of mind. Craft stunning properties with mesmerizing sea views. Varied sizes and usage permissions cater to diverse aspirations.  Find your perfect match within your budget, from affordable to high-end options.

Secure Ownership: Embarking on the journey to secure property ownership through Turkish Title deeds has never been smoother. These deeds signify not just ownership, but also uphold principles of integrity and transparency. With Turkish title deeds in hand, you can embark on your transaction with confidence, knowing that the process is both secure and expeditious, facilitating your seamless transition into the role of a property owner.

Land for Sale in Northern Cyprus:


Dreams are meant to be realized, not delayed by bureaucratic hurdles. With our land plots, you’re not just purchasing a piece of land; you’re acquiring a canvas with pre-approved building permission. This translates to immediate action—your vision can materialize without unnecessary delays.

At the heart of our land plots lies the promise of bringing your dreams to life without the hindrance of bureaucratic hurdles. Our plots offer more than just a piece of land; they provide a canvas already adorned with pre-approved building permission. This translates into immediate action—your vision can unfold without unnecessary delays. Be it agricultural, or industrial zoning that stands out or a serene residential haven, our pre-approved building permission empowers you to transform your dreams into reality promptly and effortlessly.

Contact Us: Don’t let this remarkable coastal opportunity slip through your fingers! For detailed information regarding available plots, pricing, and developmental potential, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We’re dedicated to helping you shape your dreams into tangible reality within this captivating seaside haven. Feel free to contact us at +90 5338502662 or drop us an email at

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