Land Plots For Sale In Northern Cyprus

Are you ready to turn your dreams of owning a sea-front land in Northern Cyprus becoming a reality? At Senilk Real Estate, we specialize in connecting discerning buyers with exceptional land plots across the country’s most coveted locations. Whether you seek an urban space to build your dream home, or you looking for a strategic commercial area for thriving business or serene surroundings for agricultural farming, our comprehensive real estate listings offer a diverse array of options to suit every aspiration and customer’s needs.

Real Estate Booming

Northern Cyprus increasingly attracting real estate investors, and Senilk Real Estate ensures you have access to the finest land plots in prime areas including Kyrenia, Famagusta, Iskele, Lefkosa, Karpaz, and Guzelyurt. Each location offers unique advantages, from breathtaking sea views to proximity to key economic centers, making it easier to find the perfect plot tailored to your lifestyle and investment goals.


From expansive agricultural, and commercial plots to residential estates, Kyrenia presents diverse opportunities at various price values, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Our meticulously curated land plots in Kyrenia are as follows:

  • Karaoğlanoğlu: We have land plots for sale in a serene area of Karaoğlanoğlu, this prestigious plot consists of 1 Dönüm 1 evlek 2800 ayakkare, and it priced at £3,000,000. The land is suitable for those looking to build a shopping center, and other various commercial ventures (e.g., hotel, business complex, etc.).
  • Boğazköy: We have a 2,559 m² land plot for sale in Boğazköy,  and it is available for £95,000, which is perfect for developing various residential or commercial projects.
  • Karşıyaka: We have land plots for sale in the heart of Karşıyaka with flexible payment options available, and the price is starting from £95,000.
  • Esentepe: We have 2.5 donum of land for sale in Esentepe one of the most sought-after areas of Kyrenia. Situated just a short distance away from the glistening Mediterranean Sea. This land is an incredible investment opportunity and an idyllic setting for building your dream home or developing any project of your choice. This exceptional land parcel is title-deeded, and connected to essential utilities, including water, electricity, road access, and sea views. With Kyrenia’s property market on the rise, now is the perfect time to secure your plot of land at a prime location.
  • Sadrazamköy: We have land plots for sale in Sadrazamköy, we are offering the 1000 m² plot at a special price of £140,000. The price of this seaside property has been significantly reduced, so grab this limited-time offer to secure land ownership at an unbeatable value.
  • Tepebaşı: We also have 4 donum of land for sale in Tepebaşı, Kyrenia. This land is connected to water, electricity, and access to the public road, making it an ideal place to build your dream home or any property of your choice. The land also comes with a private entrance to the premises, providing an added layer of privacy and exclusivity to the owner. One of the most remarkable features of this land is the breathtaking mountain views, picturesque landscape, and the beauty of nature. Tepebaşı is an ideal location, offering easy access to various touristic amenities in the area.


Owning land in Lefkosa, the capital of Northern Cyprus, offers several advantages: (1) Land in Lefkosa can appreciate over time, providing a good return on investment. (2) Owners can lease the land for residential, commercial, or agricultural purposes, generating steady rental income. (3) The land can be developed for residential, commercial, or mixed-use projects, which can significantly increase its value.

  • Dereboyu: We have 2 donum of land for sale in Dereboyu that come with a 12-story building permit, priced at £6,500,000, this plot is ideal for ambitious commercial developments, just in the central business area.
  • Yenikent: We have commercial land plots ranging from 700 m² to 720 m², the price starts at £115,000, offering strategic locations for business operations seeking to thrive in the busy city of Nicosia.


Owning land in Iskele allows for the construction of custom homes, vacation properties, or retirement residences in a desirable coastal area. With the increasing interest from international buyers, and expatriates, and tourists, Iskele is becoming a sought-after destination, boosting the demand and value of land in the area.

  • Kalecik: We have 3 donum of land for £220,000, offering expansive space and a tranquil environment for residential or agricultural endeavors.
  • Kaplıca: We also have 5 donum and 2 evlek for sale in Kaplica’s bay which is priced at £300,000 therefore presenting a rare chance for substantial investment in Iskele’s burgeoning area.

At Senilk Real Estate, we understand that purchasing land is more than a transaction; it’s a pathway to realizing your aspirations. Our dedicated team is committed to providing personalized guidance and expertise, ensuring you find the ideal plot that aligns with your vision and investment objectives.

Ready to explore the possibilities of owning a prime land plot in Northern Cyprus? Contact Senilk Real Estate at to begin your journey. Our experienced professionals are here to assist you every step of the way, from initial inquiries to finalizing your purchase. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure your land plot at a bargaining price!

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