North Cyprus Property Tours

We invite you to a free introduction and inspection tour. Our professional agents will introduce you to all the attractions on the island and show you all the properties you may interested in. Do you have a vision for North Cyprus Property and starting your life in North Cyprus?  Are you attracted by:

  • Great choice of properties with Low Property Prices from £40,000?
  • Low Crime Rate?
  • Beautiful, peaceful, natural environment & ecology in the Mediterranean sun?
  • Easy Travel to your new property via Larnaca or Ercan Airports?

Then join those who have achieved their vision with a North Cyprus property tour with Senilk Real Estate (SRE).

The SRE Tour – a vision which offers you the choice.

We at Senilk Real Estate have been assisting our visitors achieve their new life in Northern Cyprus. We want you to have the best choice. To give you this, at SRE we ask these questions before your North Cyprus Property Tour or day viewing:

  • What is your personal vision of life in North Cyprus? (Area, surroundings, views?)
  • Do you want to resell soon?  Do you want to rent out your property?
  • What is realistic for you financially both as first payment (capital outlay) and monthly payment?
  • Do you want to view ONLY the more expensive new build properties (with developer loans) or do you wish to also view the cheaper pre-owned resale properties?

” Good sound advice on a large selection of properties available to suit all tastes coupled with no pressure selling”.

Freedom to choose on a property during tour

Senilk Real Estate will never put pressure on you to purchase.  You can come to view only with us for 3-5 days OR just for a few hours as part of your other tour or private holiday. Some North Cyprus Property tours focus only on the more expensive new build developer properties.   True – Brand new properties are fabulous for those who wish to get the highest possible quality and perhaps gain a developer loan or assistance with rentals.  We at SRE are agents for all the best North Cyprus Developers too.

  • To get the best choice you need also to view the “pre-owned” resale properties.
  • New build properties are not always the best investments for those with a vision of a lower cost property for their own personal life.
  • Pre-owned properties can be half the price of the most expensive properties and with a little “TLC” can offer huge lifestyle and rental potential.

At Senilk Real Estate you have the freedom to choose what’s best for your own vision.

What you get during property tour

  • Viewings exclusively with SRE or just for a few hours as part of your existing tour or holiday.  The choice is yours.
  • Free visit to meet a lawyer
  • Free taxi service from the airport (if viewing only with Senilk Real Estate)
  • Hotel Accommodation advice if needed and hotel refunds if you purchase.
  • Bank Mortgage advice for pre-owned properties with individual deeds.

We recommend coming if you have at least a deposit of £25,000 for first payment.

Find out more about us

Senilk Real Estate works with people from all over the world.  We understand and speak French, Turkish as well as English. To find out more about our services, please use the contact page or contact us on +90 392 611 6000 or via email

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