Buying Contract

The buying or sales contract is a document that outlines the terms and conditions of the property purchase in Northern Cyprus. Senilk Real Estate, with its team of experienced professionals, provides valuable assistance to buyers in drafting and reviewing contracts to protect their interests. The contract covers various essential aspects, including a detailed property description, purchase price, payment terms, and date of closing the deal.

In helping our international clientele who purchase properties in Northern Cyprus, Senilk Real Estate offers multilingual support. Our team is proficient in multiple languages, facilitating effective communication, addressing language barriers, and ensuring that buyers fully understand the intricacies of the buying process in their preferred language.

Moreover, Senilk Real Estate goes above and beyond the completion of the buying contract by providing comprehensive after-sales support. We assist buyers with various post-purchase aspects, including property management and rental services if required. This commitment we undertaking ensures a seamless transition into property ownership and enables buyers to maximize their investment.

Throughout the entire buying contract process, Senilk Real Estate maintains open lines of communication with our clients. We continue providing regular updates on the progress of the transaction, ensuring that buyers are well-informed at every stage and promptly notified of any developments or changes that may arise.

By offering professional expertise, multilingual support, and comprehensive after-sales assistance, Senilk Real Estate strives to provide a smooth property buying experience in Northern Cyprus that instills confidence and peace of mind in real estate investors.

Buying Contract

The buying contract is a crucial document that outlines the terms and conditions of the property purchase. The contract typically includes the following essential elements:

  • a. Property Description: A detailed description of the property, including its location, size, and any additional features or amenities.
  • b. Price and Payment Terms: The agreed-upon purchase price and the payment terms, including the payment schedule, deposit amount, and the method of payment.
  • c. Completion Date: The anticipated date of completion, which signifies the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer.
  • d. Title Deed Transfer: The contract should also address the transfer of the title deed and specify the responsibilities of both parties in completing the necessary paperwork.

1) Property Description

The buying contract includes a thorough and detailed description of the property being purchased. This description encompasses essential information, including the property’s location, size, layout, and any notable features or amenities. Senilk Real Estate prioritizes the provision of clear and accurate property details, ensuring that buyers have a comprehensive understanding of the property’s specifications before making a commitment to the purchase.

The property’s location is a crucial aspect of the description, as it provides buyers with important information about the surrounding area, accessibility to amenities, proximity to key landmarks, and other factors that may influence their decision. The size of the property is outlined, including measurements of the land and the building, to give buyers an idea of the space available. The layout of the property is described, indicating the number of rooms, their arrangement, and any distinguishing architectural features.

Moreover, Senilk Real Estate takes care to include any additional features or amenities that the property may offer. This can include aspects such as a swimming pool, garden, balcony, parking spaces, or any other unique attributes that enhance the property’s appeal. By providing a comprehensive description, Senilk Real Estate ensures that buyers are well-informed about the property’s characteristics, allowing them to make an educated decision regarding their purchase.

The goal is to provide buyers with a transparent and accurate representation of the property, enabling them to visualize its potential and assess whether it meets their specific requirements and preferences.

2) Price and Payment Terms

The purchase price and payment terms play a pivotal role in the buying contract facilitated by Senilk Real Estate.We places great importance on working closely with buyers to establish a purchase price that is fair and agreeable to all parties involved. Through open and transparent communication, we strive to reach a mutual understanding on the value of the property being purchased.

In addition to the purchase price, the payment terms are clearly outlined in the contract to ensure transparency and minimize the potential for misunderstandings. Senilk Real Estate takes care to define the payment schedule, specifying when and how payments are to be made. This includes details such as the deposit amount, installment amounts (if applicable), and the method of payment, whether it is through bank transfers, checks, or other accepted forms of payment.

By clearly defining the payment terms, Senilk Real Estate aims to provide clarity and certainty for both the buyer and the seller. This helps to establish a solid foundation for the financial aspect of the transaction and ensures that all parties are aware of their respective obligations and responsibilities.

Senilk Real Estate understands that the purchase price and payment terms can significantly impact the overall buying experience. Therefore, the company prioritize open negotiation, and transparency in establishing these crucial elements of the buying contract.

3) Title Deed Transfer

The transfer of the title deed is a critical aspect of the property buying process, and Senilk Real Estate addresses this in our sales contract. The contract clearly outlines the responsibilities of both the buyer and the seller in completing the necessary paperwork and facilitating the transfer of the title deed.

The specific details regarding the title deed transfer can vary depending on the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction where the property is situated in Northern Cyprus. Senilk Real Estate ensures that the contract reflects the requirements and procedures applicable to the Northern Cyprus real estate market.

The completion date of the sales is a significant aspect of the buying contract from the moment when client viewing the property to the time when the ownership of the property is transferred from the seller to the buyer. Senilk Real Estate recognizes the importance of clearly stating the agreed-upon completion date in the contract to provide both parties with a clear timeline and facilitate a seamless transition of ownership.

By including the completion date in the contract, Senilk Real Estate ensures that buyers and sellers can plan and prepare accordingly. This allows them to coordinate activities such as moving, transferring utilities, and making any necessary arrangements related to the property. Having a defined completion date helps avoid confusion and provides a sense of certainty for all parties involved.

Senilk Real Estate’s commitment to professionalism, integrity, and customer satisfaction has earned a strong reputation in the real estate industry. Our track record of successful transactions and a long list of satisfied buyers is a testament to our dedication to providing a smooth and secure property investment.

By prioritizing their clients’ needs and maintaining high standards of service, Senilk Real Estate aims to foster trust and deliver a positive experience for all involved in the transaction.

Disclaimer: However, it’s important to note that this guide is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Buyers are strongly encouraged to consult with qualified legal professionals who specialize in real estate law to understand the specific circumstances and ensure compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. Additionally, laws and regulations can change over time, so it is essential for buyers to verify the current legal requirements and procedures governing title deed transfers in Northern Cyprus at the time of their property purchase.


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