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Discover a rare opportunity to own prime land in Karşıyaka, Kyrenia, boasting captivating vistas of the sea and mountains. Our meticulously planned project offers an array of Turkish-owned land plots nestled in the heart of Karşıyaka, presenting a harmonious fusion of coastal allure and contemporary nature elegance. With flexible payment options available, our price starts from £97,200 (GBP), securing your land in this idyllic area has never been more accessible before, but Senilk Real Estate makes this opportunity available to everyone including foreign nationals.

Project Overview:

  • Total Area: 313,829 m²
  • Land Use: 108,556 m²
  • Public Road Transfer: 960 m²
  • Green Area: 10,017 m²
  • Parcel Area: 96,056 m²
  • Road Area: 12,500 m²
  • Plot Area: 86,039 m²

Indulge in a selection of meticulously crafted land plots, each distinguished by its unique charm and size. While the specifics may vary, our commitment to providing unparalleled coastal living remains steadfast.

Available for Sale:

  • Land plots for sale are (2) 723m², (3) 720m², (8) 720m², (9) 720m², (10) 744m², (11) 740m², (14) 760m², (25) 1015m², (26) 840m², (27) 855m², (28) 861m², (29) 920m², (30) 3100m², (31) 4000m², (32) 3920m², (33) 4043m², (39) 4085m², (40) 4220m², (41) 1430m², (42) 800m², (43) 780m², (44) 783m², (45) 780m², (46) 840m², (47) 969m², (48) 864m², (49) 962m², (51) 5000m²., this including a variety of sizes suitable for diverse preferences and needs.

Sold Out:

  • Land plots: (1) 740m², (4) 720m², (5) 720m², (6) 720m², (7) 720m², (12) 730m², (13) 848m², (15) 858m², (16) 1002m², (17) 1066m², ((18) 1132m², (19) 1629m², (20) 1700m², (21) 1673m², (22) 1187m², (23) 1040m², (24) 1170m², (34) 4020m², (35) 4000m², (36) 4120m², (37) 4270m², (38) 4250m², (50) 1530m² have been sold out, reflecting the high demand and desirability of our project.

Secure your title-deeded land plot in Karşıyaka, boasting open zoning and building permit opportunities, allowing you to realize your vision of coastal living amidst the serene landscapes of Northern Cyprus.

About Karşıyaka

Nestled within the captivating region of Kyrenia, Karşıyaka epitomizes the allure of Northern Cyprus, renowned for its picturesque vistas, Mediterranean climate, and promising investment potential. Embark on a comprehensive property tour with our dedicated team at Senilk Real Estate Consultancy, offering personalized guidance and expertise to help you make informed decisions about your investment in Northern Cyprus.

Contact Information: Email: Info@senilkrealestate.com Senilk Real Estate Consultancy: +90 5338502 662. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to own a land in Karşıyaka. Contact us today to turn your dreams into reality.

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