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What could be better than enjoying the wonderful sun in Northern Cyprus? The island is an ideal address to visit in all seasons with its sunny climate throughout the year. Are you looking for a relaxing holiday or do you have excitement in mind? In order to realize all these, many various activities are waiting for you in Northern Cyprus. The hospitable people of Cyprus open the doors to the peaceful life you are looking for with their unique lifestyle.

Cyprus is the most ideal choice for both traveling and living with its unique beaches stretching for kilometers in its virgin nature, magnificent mountain and sea views you can see wherever you look, and a unique history bearing the traces of many civilizations. While it is an ordinary event to come across the Caretta Caretta turtles while cooling off in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, on the other hand, it awaits you with its unique cuisine and unique tastes.

Today, there are 22 universities in Northern Cyprus, and approximately 120,000 students receive education and this number is increasing rapidly every year. Universities in Cyprus offer language option advantages, while Turkish and English education plans are available. The education process allows you to meet the western education system, which has many positive aspects.

The advantages of studying in Northern Cyprus for students coming from abroad and studying in our country:

Education in Northern Cyprus universities is based on modern European standards; therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to receive advanced quality and advanced training at a reasonable price. Diplomas of universities in Northern Cyprus are recognized by European Union countries and the United States; therefore, it is easy to find a job in an international company after training. The wide range of specializations at universities will enable you to obtain the higher education you desire.

Is Cyprus a safe place

Cyprus is a safe tourist island, so there are no problems with accommodation here. Overseas citizens study in English in North Cyprus, so it is an excellent opportunity for foreign language skills, as well as the opportunity to gain ease of communication in all countries of the world. Health services standards in Cyprus are quite high and there are health centers serving in all districts of the island. There are health centers where you can find every service in terms of health, and it is very easy to access health services on the island. It is possible to benefit from the institutions working to serve you at very reasonable prices with the excellent health equipment and specialist physicians offered.

Serving in Famagusta and Iskele

The number you can call for emergencies in Northern Cyprus is 112. 112 officers are on duty to transport you to the nearest health institutions and organizations in the best conditions in case of emergency. You do not have to pay any fee for this service. It is not compulsory to have health insurance in Cyprus. Pharmacies in Northern Cyprus sell all medicines prescribed by physicians, and also provide you with consultancy services on medicines.

The idea of moving to Northern Cyprus undoubtedly means stepping into a perfect life. With its magnificent history and natural beauties, Northern Cyprus is a paradise on earth. The people of Northern Cyprus are very friendly and cheerful, and besides all this, the crime rate is almost non-existent. For those who desire a social life, living in Cyprus would be the right decision. With many restaurants, bars and entertainment centers on the island, entertainment lovers await a wonderful life.

For European Union citizens, it is very easy to enter Northern Cyprus with a passport. When you enter the island, a 3-month visa is obtained with the stamp on the passports. Then, the necessary procedures for the residence permit are carried out in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. In Northern Cyprus, it is possible to enjoy the summer season until the end of September. As of October, the temperatures start to drop, while a more humid and rainy weather emerges between November and February.

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